Amazon TV Firestick Review

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Pros: Consistent interface, Alexa Voice remote, Amazon Prime content (for Prime subscribers), expandability of device.

Cons: YouTube support has been discontinued, 4K support currently limited to Amazon and Netflix, the interface was


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Amazon TV Firestick

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Our reviewers really like the Amazon Fire TV line of streaming devices. The Amazon Fire TV lacks some of the features available on some other devices that we tested, but it's a really great player that provides some added content if you are a member of Amazon Prime.

The FireTV line supports 4K Ultra HD video as well as HDR video, includes an HDMI output as well as micro USB port. There are a few add-ons that are available from Amazon that allow you to expand the capabilities of your player. If the location of your tv makes your wifi access a little inconsistent, you can purchase an adaptor that allows you to connect an ethernet cable to your player.

Much like the Roku players, all of the Amazon players sport the same interface, which we really loved. A few of our testers really loved the integration of Alexa support in the remote controls that support voice capabilities. We found that "Alexa households" love the cross-device consistency available with this.

All Fire TV players were simple to set up, merely plug the device into the tv set, access that Input selection on your tv and follow the instructions to set up your Amazon account.

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